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School Appeals Panels


Under the Constitution there are various rights of appeal against decisions taken by or on behalf of the Council and the Cabinet. These appeals are heard by ad hoc panels of not fewer than three and not more than five Members drawn from more than one political party. Members of the Cabinet are not eligible to sit on an appeals panel.


The issues for consideration by appeals panels are as follows:


          (a)          Determination of all appeals made against decisions of the Executive Director of Children, Families and Learning, or representations arising from the implementation of the Council’s approved policies in connection with:


                        (i)         financial assistance to parents;

                        (ii)        awards, grants and bursaries;

                        (iii)        the provision of school transport.


          (b)          Representations arising from decisions made by the Executive Director of Children, Families and Learning in respect of private and voluntary residential care homes, children’s homes and foster carers and prospective adopters.


          (c)          Determination of any staff appeals which are required to be heard by Members.


          (d)          Determination of appeals against decisions of the Chief Fire Officer following an initial hearing under the Fire Service (Discipline) Regulations 1985.


          (e)          Determination of appeals against any decision or exercise of discretion under the Fire Fighters’ Pension Scheme.

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