Agenda and draft minutes

Surrey Civilian-Military Partnership Board - Wednesday, 21 March 2018 10.00 am

Venue: Army Reserve Centre, Guildford Road, Farnham, GU9 9QB

Contact: Sarah Goodman 

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Welcome and Apologies

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    Peter Martin welcomed everyone to the meeting and noted the apologies as set out above.  Col Patrick Crowley welcomed the Board to the Farnham Reserve Centre.


Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 329 KB

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    a)    ATC (Pirbright) Pass Out Parade dates (attached)

    b)    Task Force Commander Toolkit

    c)    Veterans’ Mental Health and STP commissioning intentions (attached)

    Additional documents:


    ATC – Pass Out Parade dates. 

    Dates were circulated and Board members invited. Peter Martin will attend and will circulate this date to the Board to see if others would like to join him. Action James Painter/ Sarah Goodman.  The invitation could be extended to key businesses– Patrick Crowley could advise if required.


    Task Force Commander Tool Kit

    Peter Bruinvels promoted the work Surrey is doing at the national Armed Forces conference and has been asked by the MoD to draw up a template which could be rolled out nationally to develop a more consistent approach.


    Peter Bruinvels has been appointed by Forces Connect South East to undertake elected councillor Armed Forces Champions training in Surrey, Kent. Hampshire and East and West Sussex.


    Veterans Mental Health

    Karen Simmonds updated the group regarding the new contract with TILS (Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service).  They had been hard to contact and concerns had been raised about the size of the area covered.  A key issue is finding out about and accessing the service, however, once in the system the support received by veterans has been good.

    Locally, they have held sessions in some GP surgeries and also attended the SCMPB conference on 1 February 2018. Officers will meet with Dr Sue Ferrier from TILS to establish pathways and local hubs. Action Karen Simmonds / Amanda Barnes


    Any challenges will be taken to next Health and Wellbeing Board.  Peter Martin will add his support if required.


    Sustainability Transformation Plan – Commissioning Intentions

    The Board welcomed Surrey Heartlands including the Armed Forces community within their commissioning intentions.  The Chairman asked for similar commissioning intentions within the other two STP areas that cover Surrey. Action: Karen Simmonds


Outcomes for Service Children in Surrey

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    Susie Campbell from the Vulnerable Learners Team at Surrey County Council updated the Board on outcomes at KS2 and KS4 for service children in Surrey.


    Current figures show the children from armed forces families were below both the Surrey and national average at KS2, but at KS4 they seemed to be doing well.  It was noted that one year’s data can only raise questions, especially as the two groups are different cohorts, but it does indicate a problem that needs to be looked into.


    Key points:

    • Nationally, service children do well when they are at a school with lots of other service children.  The Service Pupil Premium of £300 received by each service child can give a real boost to the school budget and may, for example, enable them to employ an additional member of staff.  This may explain why Hampshire attainment figures for Service children are higher than those for Surrey, as in Surrey most schools have only one or two service children, whereas figures are much higher in Hampshire.
    • With a child with Special Education Needs, it take time to assess and put measures in place to support the child.  This process is more difficult of the child is moving schools.  OFSTED have suggested that this should be fast-tracked for service children, which could make a real difference.  It currently takes a minimum of 20 weeks to get a statutory plan in place, but takes months before this to assess the child’s needs.
    • A lot of support is already available for supporting service children including case studies and training – we need to ensure that school are aware of these resources.


    What is Surrey proposing?

    • To understand and fully look in to the data over a few years, including looking gender.
    • Target parts of the school community who can help – SENCO and Governors’ training already takes place, could include service children element.
    • Challenge expectations – show schools they can have real success with service children.  It is not good enough for them to do ok when they may be able to excel. Could do some work with Surrey University to raise aspirations.
    • Build resilience in children – eg specific trips for service children who may not be able to do after school clubs, help them build a treasure trove of memories to share (scrap book, treasure box).  Establishing service children as part of the wider community and helping ensure they understand the importance of what their parents are doing.  These elements don’t need funding, they need training.
    • Participation / hearing the voice of the children and young people is vital.  Could we find some KS4 service pupils to go in to primary schools and become role models or put together a magazine? 
    • Will re-apply for MoD funding if it is available again.


    Action – Susie Campbell to pull together a one page document of what Surrey is currently doing as well as carrying out a further analysis of data.


    In order to get the message out to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


11 Brigade Update

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    Apologies had been received from Col Simon Browne – the update was given on his behalf by Peter Bruinvels.


    Col Browne has now been in post for 6 months.  He commends the work on the Covenant in Surrey as some of the best nationally and believes the county is now outperforming the Army and it is his intention to redress the balance.  Key areas of work for the Brigade include:


    ·         11 Brigade are currently on standby for UK operations and have personnel overseas in Jamaica, Oman, Uganda and Somalia. 

    ·         From the spring, Soldiers will be on operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and South Sudan as well as taking lead for Defence Engagement in East and South Africa. 

    ·         The Brigade will be supporting the Royal wedding in May. 

    ·         Significant Reservist presence in Surrey will be maintained and expanded further with 4PWRR.

    ·         The Brigade are strongly supporting cadets.

    ·         11 Brigade will hold an engagement day in due course for all Task Force Commanders from across 11 Brigade region.


    Steve Owen Hughes updated the Board on Surrey Fire and Rescue Service’s (SFRS) newly developed links with Lt-Col Ben Baker from 4PWRR who is setting up in Redhill.  They have been sharing resources and will also share some training as military and SFRS have complementary strengths.  Both SFRS and 4PWRR are recruiting so they may combine forces here aswell. 


    Under the Local Resilience Forum, the JRLO (Joint Regional Liaison Officer) from the Army met with the Environment Agency and the Emergency Management Team to plan a joint exercise in October about flooding of the lower Thames.


    The Lord-Lieutenant had recently presented the Elizabeth Cross to the grandson of a soldier shot in Cyprus.  It was a very special day and the Army looked after the family extremely well.  There will be another presented in Haslemere soon.


    The Chairman asked for the Board’s best wishes to be given to those being deployed.


Armed Forces Covenant Fund pdf icon PDF 130 KB

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    Surrey has had excellent success with bids to the Covenant Fund and has now received over £1,000,000 from the MoD since 2012.  Recent successes include a south east regional bid for supporting veteran hubs totalling £147,000 and an outdoor play area for Peter Pan Pre School in Pirbright. 


    The way the Covenant Fund is administered is in the process of changing.  From 1 April 2018 the fund will be administered by a Charitable Trust rather than the MoD.


    It was noted that local CCFs could get funding from SERFCA and should be put in contact with Jenni Muddiman via to discuss options.


Forces Connect South East pdf icon PDF 60 KB

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    Additional documents:


    Amanda Barnes provided an update on the work of Forces Connect South East.  Action – circulate slides and training flyer to the Board (attached).


    Training is now underway with the elearning module launched in Surrey and service champions courses scheduled throughout 2018. Peter Bruinvels will deliver the Armed Forces Champion training as well as providing a power point and script for service champions to help pass the message onto their front line colleagues.


    There is a lot of interest from other areas about the work Surrey and FCSE are doing and as part of the bid, Surrey was given an additional £40,000 from the MoD to roll the approach out nationally.


    Action: All - Please could board members help promote the e-learning (via Surrey Skills Academy).  The aim is to have over 1000 people complete the course across the region by June 2019.


SCMPB Exec and Task Group Update pdf icon PDF 970 KB

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    a)    SCMPB Successes and Surrey Covenant Audit (attached)

    b)    Recognise and Remember


                  i.        Fire Service Memorial

                 ii.        WW1 100 Commemorations

                iii.        RAF 100


    c)    Community Integration

    d)    Task Force Commanders and Armed Forces Champions Event


    Additional documents:


    SCMPB – Successes 2017/18

    Board members were asked to send comments/addition on the successes document to by early April, after which it would be sent to the design team and put on the website. Action: Sarah Goodman


    Comments included:

    • Include an annex setting out key achievements and list of Board members
    • Consider how this is shared with all parties, not just up the chain of command.
    • Develop further case studies
    • Share URL when on website for further signposting


    Audit of Surrey County Council:

    The Chairman thanked Paul Evans very much for his time and effort in producing an excellent and comprehensive audit looking at how Surrey County Council has implemented the aims of the Covenant since 2012.  The recommendations contained within the document will be translated into an action plan. This audit support Surrey’s reaccreditation for Gold Employer Recognition status, which will now be reviewed by the MoD after 5 years (2021). The document will be added to the website. Action: Sarah Goodman


    Recognise and Remember Task Group

    Paul Evans reported on the successful meeting held on 9 March at Woking Borough Council, where the group said a sad goodbye to Barrie Higham from Surrey History Centre.


    Surrey in the Great War and the War Memorial indexing project are both going well and will be completed by the end of the year. Action: Sarah to invite Surrey in the Great War to present at the next Board.


    A key role for the group is compiling a calendar of events commemorating 100 years since the end of WW1.  These are being posted on the Armed Forces Calendar ( and are shared with the Lieutenancy.  Action: All – to send known dates and events to


    It was reported that the RBL have stopped the Silent Soldier campaign, and in June they will launch a new ‘Thank you’ campaign which will feature a number of different silhouettes. Existing orders for Silent Soldiers will be honoured, but no new orders will be taken. The Board expressed their sadness about the end of the campaign and raised concern about how much has been committed by Surrey to this campaign already.  Action: Paul Evans to feedback the Boards views to the RBL at meeting on 4 April. If it is not resolved the Lord-Lieutenant is happy to get involved.


    A national RAF 100 Commemoration book is being produced and will include a two page article on Surrey. It is also anticipated that the commemoration event will help inspire STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in young people. The SERFCA Armed Forces Briefing on 5 June will have theme of RAF 100.


    Community Integration Task Group

    Peter Bruinvels gave the update on behalf of Michael Cannon.

    Michael Cannon will be attending the next Health and Wellbeing Board presenting an item about the health of the military – Debbie Hustings and Karen Simmonds will be linked in.  On 19 April the Armed Forces Health Group, made up primarily of the Surrey CCGs will meet  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Surrey Covenant Conference pdf icon PDF 103 KB

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    The conference on 1 February 2018 was very well received and the paper was noted.  The coverage of those attending from across Surrey was impressive as was the range of presentations.  The next conference is likely to take place early 2019, possibly at Sandhurst. The date will be circulated to Board members when set. Action: Sarah Goodman/Peter Bruinvels


AOB pdf icon PDF 345 KB

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    a)    National Covenant Conference – 22 February 2018

    b)    SERFCA – Ash Manor School CCF (attached)

    c)    RLC and DMRC Headley Court relocation

    d)    Duke of Cornwall Awards


    ·         SERFCA – Armed Forces briefing will be held on 5 June evening at Sandhurst at which Peter Martin will present.  Board members will be invited. 

    ·         On Armed Forces Day in June there will be a freedom parade by 2PWRR in Guildford and an event on 10 November planned at G Live.

    ·         Local authorities were not invited to the DRM conference – Patrick Crowley will take this back.

    ·         The closure of Deepcut has been delayed for a year to 2019/20. 

    ·         Duke of Cornwall Awards - The Army Cadets have 25 young people going through the award scheme in Reigate, which teaches young people about community resilience.   


Date of next meeting

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    10am on Thursday 11 October – venue TBC


    10:00am – 12:00pm on Thursday 11 October 2018 - venue TBC