Agenda and draft minutes

Surrey Civilian-Military Partnership Board - Wednesday, 13 March 2019 10.00 am

Venue: Denmark House, Batts Hill, Redhill, RH1 1DS

Contact: Sarah Goodman 

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Welcome and Apologies

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    The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked 4PWRR for their hospitality.  A special welcome was extended to Revd Roland Olliff on his return to the Board and Wg Cdr Bryan Jones who was due to replace Col Bob Crawley as Chairman of SSAFA Surrey from May 2019. Apologies were noted from Major Carol Miller.


    It was noted that both Cllr Pat Cannon and Col Bob Crawley were stepping down from their posts, and therefore the Board. The Chairman, on behalf of the Board, expressed his grateful thanks to them both for their committed hard work during their time on the Board and wished them well for the future.


    Captain Toby Wilson, 4PWRR kindly welcomed the Board to Denmark House.  He shared some of the history of PWRR and their current main objectives. The Chairman thanked him for his interesting presentation.



Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising pdf icon PDF 126 KB

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    ·         Veterans mental health (TILS)

    ·         Children Centre Update (attached)

    ·         Business Breakfasts

    ·         Modern Slavery Update (attached)

    Additional documents:


    The minutes of the meeting 11 October 2018 were agreed.


    Veterans Mental Health (TILS)

    Karen Simmonds, Public Health, has now left Surrey County Council, but a written update has been requested from TILS.  We are aware that referrals from Surrey are increasing and from April 2017 to December 2018 there were 40 referrals. 


    Children’s Centre Update

    A written update was circulated to the Board with the agenda. Major Miller has been speaking with Surrey County Council lead officer Lesley Hunt and both are working hard to ensure the change to Family Centres is as seamless as possible.  If there are additional enquiries, please forward these to Sarah Goodman. 


    Business Breakfasts

    It was reported that SERFCA haven’t had a Business Breakfast in Surrey recently, but will liaise with Surrey Chambers of Commerce and look to organise one.  Surrey Chambers of Commerce noted that Business Breakfasts are held regularly in Surrey (dates are on their website), and the Armed Forces were welcome to attend any of these.  If a bespoke event was planned, this could be hosted free of charge in a Surrey Fire Station.


    A report was shared setting out the number of Employee Recognition Scheme Award holders in Surrey.  Gold and silver award holders were welcomed to a leadership event at Sandhurst – Surrey County Council and Woking Borough Council both had employees at this event.  SERFCA are now in the process of supporting applications to the next round of gold and silver awards.


    Modern Slavery Update

    An update was circulated with the agenda. David Munro asked all those present to examine their supply chain to ensure there is no evidence of modern slavery. 


    Col Browne noted as a result of the last meeting, he is now linking in and working closely with ACC Nev Kemp from Surrey Police, which has been a very positive two way relationship.



11 Brigade Update

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    ·         Task Force Commander Update and latest moves

    ·         Army Engagement Event – 6.30pm on 2 April at Denbies, Dorking

    ·         Brexit and joint work with Surrey County Council


    Col Browne introduced Richard Moore to the Board, who is now overseeing Civilian Military partnership work for 11 Brigade.  An update on the current military movements in / out of Surrey was provided (though this could be subject to change):

    • The Welsh Guards will be moving from Pirbright to Windsor this summer
    • When RLC Deepcut closes in 2020, the families will stay
    • There will be no new soldiers moving into Pirbright (in place of the Welsh Guards) for about a year
    • In 2020 the 2 Btn Duke of Lancs will move to Pirbright
    • 2PWRR will move to Keogh Barracks and stay there until 2023, after which they will move to Pirbright
    • 22 Field Hospital will remain in Keogh until 2023 – they will then leave Surrey, but 4 Armd Med will move out of Keogh this year
    • Army Training Centre will remain, but will grow in size


    It was noted that Elizabeth Barracks in Pirbright will be empty for about a year, then the need / demand will suddenly increase again.  This will need to be managed carefully to ensure services can be provided eg school places. 


    Action – Sarah to set up a Task/Finish Group to look at the moves in relation to school places.


    The Army Engagement Team were hosting an event on 6.30pm on 2 April at Denbies, Dorking. There is an open invitation to everyone - places can be booked via Eventbrite. 


    It was noted that the schools that have taken part on the Schools Modular Programme will be invited to a Challenge event, similar to Sandhurst Leadership Challenge at Longmoor Camp – this includes Farnham Heath End, Kings International and Ash Manor.



SCMPB Update pdf icon PDF 277 KB

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    ·         SCMPB Draft Annual Report – 2018/19 (attached)


    ·         Updated 2018/20 SCMPB Action Plan (attached)


    ·         Updated SCMPB Terms of Reference (attached)

    (original ToR from 2012 attached for information)


    ·         Community Integration Task Group

    o   Health Champions

    o   Unit Welfare Officers

    o   Education


    ·         Recognise and Remember Task Group

    Additional documents:


    SCMPB Annual Report – the draft report was welcomed and agreed. A list of Employee Recognition Scheme award holders will be annexed to the report.  This would now be designed with photos included. Board members requested some hard copies as well as an electronic version. Action - Any additional comments or photos to Sarah Goodman by 22 March 2019.


    Updated 2018/20 SCMPB Action Plan

    The updated RAG action plan was discussed by the Board:

    A couple of Red actions were currently being worked on:

    • Surrey County Council Civil Military Peer support group – this will be taken forward during the year
    • Case study – WW100 events brought forward some amazing artefacts and stories which need to be archived at the Surrey History Centre if possible.  Lord-Lieutenant very supportive of this. 
    • MPs briefing will be taken forward after Brexit.


    Updated Terms of Reference were approved by the Board.


    Community Integration Task Group

    A brief history of the Community Integration Task Group was given for benefit of new members.  The Task Group was set up to focus on Education, Employment, Housing and Health and Wellbeing.  It has been successful in gaining the implementation of positive changes in all areas which means that the Task Group no longer has specific regular meetings, but supports ongoing work where required. 

    • Education

    Education was the prime focus of theafternoon session of the recent Surrey Armed Forces Covenant Conference where a video was played of service children (can be viewed via  It was noted that Mark Scarborough has now left Surrey County Council, but an interim Director is scrutinising attainment data to build on the work that Mark had done.  The Board is committed to continuing to focus on education, and the work being undertaken will be reported back to the Board at the next meeting.

    • Employment

    This area of work has progressed and the link with businesses will be taken forward by SERFCA and Surrey Chambers.  The Employer Recognition Scheme has been promoted and businesses have been encouraged to consider military applicants and to accommodate reservist training. 

    • Housing

    The Task Group has facilitated all local authorities equalising their approach to the armed forces community with regard to local connection.

    • Health and Wellbeing

    This is currently the most active group, with broad representation across the health arena.  The group meets quarterly and deals with a range of issues including GP veteran registration, promotion of Step into Health, mental health and armed forces carers.


    Recognise and Remember Task Group

    Brig Paul Evans updated the group. 

    • New Armed Forces Champions will be inducted following the elections and will be invited along to the Task Group.
    • Veterans Hubs - Armed Forces Champions are being encouraged to visit and get involved in veterans’ hubs in their areas.  Some new hubs are due to open under work led by Surrey County Council under Forces Connect South East.  The group are planning to promote the profile of Hubs during the poppy appeal. 
    • The focus of the Task Group is now  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Annual Armed Forces Covenant Conference, ATC (Pirbright) pdf icon PDF 110 KB

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    ·         Review of feedback from Conference (attached)


    Peter Martin formally thanked ATC Pirbright for their hospitality and contribution to the success of the 2019 conference. The Board reviewed the collated feedback and discussed possible 2020 conference:

    • Generally positive feedback. 
    • Having a specific focus in the afternoon was viewed as working well.
    • Jenna Clare and the Surrey Headteachers who spoke were particularly well received. 
    • It was suggested that the next conference should not have workshops to enable more time for interaction and discussion during the conference.


    Board agreed that next years conference should be held in February 2020 at ATC Pirbright.



Covenant Funding pdf icon PDF 60 KB

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    ·         Forces Connect South East

    o   Training – Service Champions (27 March - attached), Frontline, Elected Councillor Armed Forces Champions (June)

    o   Elearning  - Armed Forces Covenant for frontline staff and mentoring

    o   Forces Connect Mobile App

    o   Legacy


    ·         Veteran Hubs

    o   Needs assessment and gap analysis (attached)

    o   Current and new hubs

    o   Promotion of hubs


    ·         Armed Forces Covenant Fund

    o   Local Grants

    o   Veterans’ Community Centres

    Additional documents:


    Forces Connect South East

    The project is due to end in September 2019 and is currently on track to meet all targets. Training packages have been delivered across Surrey and these have gone well.  Over 2000 people have been trained across the region.


    The Mobile app has been officially launched and has been well received.  Behind the app lies a series of pathways, unique for each council involved. 


    General Nugee was briefed about the project and was keen to roll scheme out nationally.  The project was allocated an additional 40k funding to enable this to happen and work is underway to do this via national conferences and workshops help in 12 regions across the UK.


    Within Surrey, there will be a final councillor training session in June post elections.


    FCSE Veterans Hubs

    This is another MoD grant funded project which looks to enhance provision for veterans via Hubs across the South East region. A process has been established to enable new and exciting Hubs to bid for funds from the project, and the first bid to fund a hub in Eastbourne has now been approved.  A new Hub, run by the Royal British Legion, is due to open in Epsom on 1 May.


    Officers are looking to ensure hubs are well publicised, sustainable and have the support of the local Armed Forces Champions.


    Armed Forces Covenant Fund

    One bid received from ATC Pirbright for current round.  Surrey Heartlands and Pirbright School putting together bids for the June round, but more bids are encouraged. Sarah can help with advice on applications. 




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    ·         Veterans ID Card


    Veterans ID Card – this is now available to those who left the services from December onwards - .


    Exercise Hairspring - Steve Owen-Hughes recently represented Surrey County Council at Exercise Hairspring in Norway – further details will be circulated outside the meeting. Steve has recently been appointed the Armed Forces Champion for the 46 National Fire Chiefs and will work with Peter B to take this work forward.


    SERFCA Update Armed Forces Briefings

    ·         11 June  - Armed Forces Briefing at Sandhurst – diversity and youth

    ·         8 Oct – Lord-Lieutenant Awards Ceremony at Denbies

    ·         Reservist Brig Aidan Smyth is likely to be the new Chairman of SERFCA Surrey



Date of next meeting

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    10am – 12pm on Wednesday 16 October.  Venue TBC


    10am – 12pm on Wednesday 16 October 2019.