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Waverley Local Committee

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Please note that due to the national situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, all future meetings of this committee will be taking place remotely until such time when they can be reconvened in person. You can view the live event by clicking on the link on the meeting page. All meeting papers, decision sheets and minutes will still be available on the council’s website.


The Local Committee in Waverley is one of eleven established by Surrey County Council in April 2002 to bring its decision-making and its services closer to the communities it serves. The Committee meets regularly in the Waverley Borough Council Chamber in Godalming.


The Committee comprises nine County Councillors, representing each of the divisions in the borough, and nine Borough Councillors. They discuss issues such as education, social care, young people, highways and transport.


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Contact information

Support officer: Yvette Ortel, Partnership Committee Officer. Waverley Borough Council offices, The Burys, Godalming, Surrey GU7 1HR

Phone: 07581 244641

Fax: @WaverleyLC


Web site: