Committee details

Children, Families, Lifelong Learning & Culture Select Committee

Purpose of committee

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all future meetings of this Committee will be conducted remotely until further notice. These meetings will be streamed live on the council’s website, allowing the public to observice proceedings. All meeting papers, decision sheets and minutes will continue to be published on the council’s website.


The following services are included within the remit of the Children, Families, Lifelong Learning & Culture Select Committee:


·         Children’s Services (including safeguarding)

·         Early Help

·         Corporate Parenting

·         Education

·         Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities

·         Adult Learning

·         Apprenticeships

·         Libraries, Arts and Heritage

·         Voluntary Sector



Webcasts of Select Committee meetings


Contact information

Support officer: Benjamin Awkal, Scrutiny Officer.