Committee details


Purpose of committee

The County Council is made up of 81 democratically elected Councillors (also referred to as Members) represent the people of Surrey. The County Council meets approximately every six weeks on a Tuesday. The meetings are open to the public, although the public are not able to participate in the meeting.

The Council sets the framework within which the Cabinet operates through the corporate plan, budget and major policy plans. It elects the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council annually and appoints the committees of the Council. It also elects the Leader of the Council for a four year period and may remove him/her from office.


Chairman of the Council


The Chairman of the Council presides over meetings of the County Council and acts as the principal spokesman for the Council on civic and ceremonial occasions. The Chairman also fulfils a range of ceremonial and public functions as the civic leader of the Council. The Chairman always acts on behalf of the whole Council.


Contact information

Support officer: Joss Butler. 020 8541 9702

Postal address:
County Hall
Penrhyn Road
Kingston upon Thames

Phone: 020 8541 9938